Fresh Bread


Welcome chefs and winemakers from our local food and wine community. We're excited to partner with you.


True Grain is a small family owned bakery with three locations serving the Comox Valley (Courtenay), Cowichan Valley (Cowichan Bay), and Okanagan Valley (Summerland). Our passion is creating fresh, local, organic, handcrafted bread.



LOCAL - every speck of flour in everything we bake came from a BC farm. We buy +200 tonnes per year. That's a lot of BC farming jobs, BC cleaning jobs, BC milling jobs, BC shipping jobs, & BC baking jobs.

ORGANIC - all our flour is organic (PACS) and non-GMO. It's fresh. It's healthy. And you taste the grain, not chemicals.


CRAFT - from the farmer, to the miller to the baker…at True Grain, every stage of the journey involves a hands-on approach. You can’t rush the growth of organic grain, can’t rush the steady grind of the stone mill, and you can’t rush handcrafted bread. No factory here. True Grain is by hand, from scratch.

BAKERY - we provide fresh and frozen bread solutions, as well as a wide selection of organic flour and ingredients. Despite the extra costs of local and organic, our price point is very competitive.